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Why Your Industry Needs an Industrial Hygienist?

We usually heard the word hygiene and industrial hygienist. However, we usually came across with this line, “take care of hygiene, otherwise, you will get sick” we heard them, from our elders especially from our moms so, what comes in your mind when you heard the term hygiene. When I listen to it, this definition clicks in my mind: 

“Hygiene is crucial in preventing disease. Without hygiene, the benefits of clean water and decent toilets will always be limited” 

In simple words, we do take care of hygiene through proper cleanliness. It doesn’t mean only that just clean yourself, but it also means clean your things around you, if you are a housewife clean your home, if you are a mother take care of your baby, etc. All in all, taking care of hygiene is imperative. 

Why it is important  

If you are not taking care of hygiene, then it is an open invitation to the fatal diseases, Since, as a matter fact, Poor hygiene means children get regularly ill and miss school, adults are unable to go to work to support their families, patients are at risk in healthcare environments, and people’s dignity is compromised. By changing their hygiene behaviors, people can keep themselves and their environment clean, to stay healthy and stop the escalation of diseases and can enjoy a healthy life. 

Hygiene is not particularly related to the industry it is important everywhere like; home, schools, colleges, universities, and hospitals, etc. When there is no one to take care of proper hygiene people could get sick; so, there must be a team or person who can manage hygiene properly.  

Every day we came in contact with many germs and viruses without knowing they linger on our body and sometimes, we got sick so hygiene is very important for health; there is a popular sentence “Health is Wealth” .when there is no health there will be no ease of money or whatever precious thing you have. Hygiene helps you to feel good about yourself and your appearance. Hygiene does not also take care of only physical health it keeps you away from many psychological disorders, too. 

Why in industry 

There is a lot of work in the industry everyone is busy doing their work so they cannot take proper attention on hygiene; so, there must be a person who takes care of hygiene properly. When there is proper take care of workers there will be excellence and a potential performance; in work, because a healthy body has a healthy mind and they will be beneficial for the company. 

These days the range of health risks in the workplace is extreme viral than ever. Not only chemical hazards but also the health hazard from noise, heat or cold, ergonomic stresses, ionizing radiation, microwaves. Hygienist has to protect workers from hazardous chemical awareness training posed by advanced technology. As in the modern world, there are more industrial and mechanical works although types of machinery have many advantages it also has disadvantages related to health so there must be a proper system to considers, workers’ health. The industry is responsible for the overall health and safety of workers and the environment. There should be a proper hygiene system; from warehouse workers to the executive that suite at their desks. 

Qualities of hygienist  

  • The hygienist must be trained to evaluate safety. 
  • He/she must have a proper schedule.  
  • He must be solution-oriented, and he must know chemicals and new technologies.  
  • The hygienist must be able to speak the formal language of industry. 

Co-operation of industry 

Cooperation is needed everywhere there will be no work done if there is not cooperation, not necessarily in industries; it’s required in every field of life, but here we are talking about the industry. Managers at all levels and across functions must be able to work effectively and manage industrial hygienists.  


Many people leave their job because the environment is unhealthy and when there are a proper hygienic system people like to do a job in that particular industry. Moreover, in a healthy environment, people will work efficiently and increased productivity. Industries that have a proper hygienic system have a good name in society and that makes the company more professional than others.