The Truth About Using Blog Ads: Pro And Against Arguments

The Truth About Using Blog Ads: Pro And Against Arguments

Monetizing your blog, even when you have low traffic, is constantly advertized online as a good step to take towards a better income. Is it really that simple though? How about all the warnings? We will get you through the positives and negatives, so you can decide for yourself which way to go.

Monetizing according to traffic volume

As anyone can notice, the bigger a brand has become, the easier it is for it to get people’s attention. The same goes for a blog: when it’s got plenty of readers (like 10,000 unique visitors per month), it can always start a revenue stream by enabling online ads. When the traffic volume is low, however, this becomes much harder. It’s usually the small blogs that try to make some money and consider ads and, sadly, these represent the most challenged category. Still, if the blogger is committed and takes time to grow, their dream can turn to reality.

Getting into the bigger game and attracting local traffic

If you happen to have a blog that is doing fairly well, then you can work with Gold Coast SEO and similar advertizing services to enable pay-per-click ad campaigns. This can create localized traffic, since the campaigns created can be shown to a specific region only, thus receiving traffic from one’s main area of interest. This is a good way to make some money and to get the really relevant traffic, in case your business is geographically conditioned. Note that, when you choose to place ads on your website, its layout and design will have a huge impact on the clicks.

Multiple ad placement options

You don’t necessarily need to make your viewers click on a visual ad. An easier and often more successful tactic is to have ads placed as links throughout your written content on a page. This is referred to as in-text ads. These aren’t tricky in any way, so they won’t upset users. In-text ads are double underlined and also show small pop-up windows when the cursor is hovering, which means that the user is informed in advance on the nature of that link. Additionally, you have the new and neat looking advertizing widgets, banner placement services and the Pay-Per-Play audio ads. As for the pop-ups, it’s best not to choose those, since people use pop-up blockers all too frequently.

Using email ads – hot or not?

Here is another tactic often employed by bloggers in search of a revenue stream. They market their products and services to the list of followers/subscribers they built. Obviously, it takes good marketing skills and, first of all, a convincing blog overall, in order to get those subscribers. Once you have these, you can start marketing your goods directly to them. The big advantage is the high rate of conversion. To make this successful, you definitely need striking content and usually the occasional freebie, too.

Advertizing is a slow path overall. This means it won’t get you money overnight. For a more certain income, you can choose affiliate marketing and the product reviewing strategy to promote other companies on your blog and “share a sale” – of course, as long as your blog is directly related to their expertize. You will then obtain a commission for every client they get through you.

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