Why you should get Plantation Shutters Installed in your House by Experts

Why you should get Plantation Shutters Installed in your House by Experts

We know that how important of a role windows play in our house. You could either have glass windows, or if you want to add a unique look to your interior, then you could consider going with other options. One such option that has been becoming popular nowadays are window shutters. Many people often think that what the main difference is between regular shutters and plantation shutters. To keep it simple, plantation shutters are much wider than the regular shutters, and offer much more flexibility when it comes to controlling how much light you want inside your house. If you want a low maintenance and low-budget window solution, then you should not look anywhere else because plantation shutters provide you with not only that but much more.  

There are several window installation companies in Australia. However, when it comes to experience, there are not many who can proudly say that they have been in the industry for more than 50 years. One such company who is known to be the most reputable as well as the oldest in the Australian market is Mal Glanville. They have been providing window solutions and specialise in installing awnings and plantation shutters in Central Coast as well as New Castle. Now that you know about one of the most reliable company in Australia who could provide you with window solutions, why you should really choose them? And what are actually the advantages of installing plantation shutters? Let’s see. 

Improving Privacy 

If your house is located right beside a busy street, then you most likely have a hard time maintaining your privacy. If you do install curtain or blind to enhance the privacy, then you would have to compromise on natural light. Apparently, Newcastle is known for being crowded because of its amazing beaches, this is why you can get plantation shutters in Newcastle installed by experts and improve your privacy. You would not have to worry about restricting the light either. With plantation shutters you would be able to control the level of light, and also manage the privacy of your home. 

Allergy Friendly 

If you have an allergy to dust, then curtains are a no-no for you. Curtains do not only easily catch dust, but they can be a nightmare to wash. They take up a lot of time to dry, so during that time your privacy could also be compromised. Installing plantation shutters is a much more allergy friendly option. They do not accumulate dust that easily. Even if they catch dust, they are very simple to clean. This is why, if dust is a trigger for your allergy, then we recommend that you go for plantation shutters. 

Best for Bathrooms 

Some people might still be thinking about using blinds and curtains in their homes, and if you are satisfied with how they will restrict the natural light, then you can. However, they are still not suitable for bathrooms. Curtains for obvious reasons, considering their difficulty with maintenance, and blinds because they are completely going to shut away any light coming inside the bathroom. Plantation shutters can easily be managed, and you would not have to turn the light on during the day when you are in the bathroom. 

Why Choose Mal Glenville? 

As we mentioned that Mal Glenville is one of the most reputable name when it comes to the installation of plantation shutters in Newcastle and Central Coast. There are not many companies who have been in this industry for fifty years, and the best bet is always to go for someone who is experienced whenever you are making any changes to your house. Apart from providing you with guarantee for their work, they are also going to make even the biggest of jobs look seamlessly easy with their expertise.  

If you are looking to get plantation shutters in Newcastle or Central Coast, whether it is a commercial or a residential job, you can trust Mal Glenville to help you find a great solution. They are happily going to help you come up with the best solutions for all your window needs. Moreover, you can also consult them free of coast to get a better idea on what would work best in your home. 

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