Tamborine Mountain Glow Worm Caves

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Tamborine Mountain Glow Worm Caves
Tamborine Mountain Glow Worm Caves
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Cedar Creek Winery Cnr Long and Hartley Road, 104 - 144 Hartley Road, Tamborine Mountain

At the top of Tamborine Mountain, at Cedar Creek Estate Winery, you’ll find the Tamborine Mountain Glow Worm Caves. The purpose-built cave, the only one of its kind, is impressive and easy to access and even replicates a real cave with formations such as stalagmites and stalactites! As a privately owned sanctuary (not a national park) it is the only place in Queensland to see glow worms during the day, and the only sanctuary in the world.

To make the glow worm experience safe and enjoyable for the whole family, it doesn’t require any bending down or crawling through tight spaces to participate, but it’s important to note that you cannot take prams into the cave. The tour is also held at a walking pace making it suitable for most levels of fitness. Each tour starts with a mini documentary on glow worms, before you travel into the rainforest and to the cave which is filled with thousands of shiny glow worms!

Each tour takes approximately 30 minutes and runs daily between 10am – 4pm (except Good Friday and Christmas day) by an experienced and highly qualified guide. For the protection of the glow worm conservation program, you cannot explore the cave on your own, but because it is undercover and protected you can visit all year round.

The cave was originally created to allow tourists to see glow worms during the day, but by drawing people to the caves rather than disrupting wild colonies, it has actually allowed the wild population of glow worms to increase which is fantastic. Within a controlled environment, visitors are able to get up close and personal with the glow worms, making it a must-see attraction when visiting the area.

You can book the Tamborine Mountain Glow Worm Caves online to save time and a few dollars.

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